Walked Into the Past

On March 15, 2011 at 3:15 in afternoon I got into my car back of my new law office and started car to go pick up grandchild at 3:25 for her piano practice. I then turned off car and got out to go into my old law office where I and my late father, mother, brother, and others had our law practice {which building dates to pre-civil war era} next door to check for damage, having read in the local paper about Mercer County, KY residents upset with local factory doing some blasting late fall of 2010 causing damage.

I went in back door and up side stairs straight to my mother’s room, checking waiting area on way, no damage, then my old room, no new damage {some wall damage from two years ago} then to brother’s old room, no damage, finally the library and much new damage, ceiling having given way in one big place, wood exposed, but no sign of water. I then went downstairs, checked kitchen, another secretary’s {she late too} room, ok, then my father’s room {he practiced law 50 years}, ok, back to main secretary station, ok, and then entered the waiting room.

When I went into the waiting room, there was much wall damage to wall next to father’s room, plaster down on floor and under heating unit, wood exposed, very heavy wall damage, but no sign of water. I double-checked room above, the library, and room below, the waiting room.

I picked up my granddaughter and took her home, then went home and called a neighbor who does house repairs. He came to my home and we went back to town. We went in the old law office, repeated survey of rooms, same order, and when got to that last room, the waiting room there was no damage at all. I was dismayed.

Before my neighbor left when we got back to my home I told him I must have walked into the past, seeing wall damage as it existed circa 1969 when we had to clean it all up and redo all the walls, remembering what I saw half century later was as it was half century earlier, same old vetch wallpapered walls that came down exposing the wood behind, cracked plaster down on floor everywhere. For the life of me I do not remember seeing any old furniture {because we moved it all out when I moved over here to new office next door}.

I may have experienced a “vestibule”. The old building has that back door I entered from the outside, and up back door stairway, but also a small hallway from the front outside door to a small closet at the end on the left and one step beyond hallway on the right is the inside door to the waiting room {originally a living room} which hallway I used five times: coming down main front door stairway to front door where for first time went down the small hall with closet passing the waiting room and on to the secretary area, then to kitchen, then to other room;, then back to the secretary area and passing the waiting room for second time down that small hall with closet to the front door, then to my father’s room ; then back down that small hall with closet for third time to the secretary area and entering the waiting room; then fourth time down that small hall with closet to go back to front door and back up main stairway to double-check library ceiling damage; then back down main stairway to front door and down that small hall with closet for fifth time to double-check the waiting room wall damage.

“(A vestibule was a unique building design to the eastern United States. It is a small hallway, usually with a small closet, between the front door and the rest of the home. In this case, there was an outside door, the vestibule hallway and closet, and an inside door before entering the living room. )” Quote from Living With Spirits (True Ghost Story) By Christine B. http://christine-b.hubpages.com/hub/Living-With-Spirits

Or, maybe it was “residual energy”. I don’t know what it was, only know I checked and double-checked, saw that waiting room wall two times and it was damaged.
“Residual energy hauntings provide a window to the past. When you’re psychically ‘seeing’ something that seems like a movie, that’s often the imprint of the event on the environment. Or, it may actually be a window through time. Nobody’s sure, and it may relate to a parallel universe or a ripple in time.” http://hollowhill.com/residual-energy-imprint-hauntings

The factory blasting had nothing to do with my damage, only normal wear and tear, and paranormal glitches.

No Wrong Turns

When we got on I276 from I76 it lead us to US1, which we stayed on for several miles until we got to Four Points Sheraton. We knew where we had to be to see Bob Dean at 3PM on Oct. 16, 2011. We got us something to eat then asked a guy on street for directions to go downtown Philly. He told us 3 or 4 miles to I95 and go north, which we did, found visitor parking, parked, saw Liberty Bell, then took one hour bus tour of Philly, all the important sites. We started back I95 going south and had couple of hours to spare to get back to Four Points Sheraton.

I will stop there and point out that one of the main features of US1 was four lanes going one direction and four lanes going other direction, outside lane of two lanes being for through traffic, so if wanted to go other way had to use a cross over to inside lanes, make left, and then go other way on other four lanes.

Now continuing on I95 we got to US1 exit coming back, and things were awful different, and no eight lanes anywhere. We turned around and went other way on US1 into NJ. The NJ scene was like from the 1950’s or 1960’s. We stopped on side of road for directions. A man specifically told us what to do to get back on I95.

We got back on and tried again, exited on US 1, still no eight lanes, and scene had changed again. We turned around, went other way on US1 and scene really changed a lot in NJ. The 1950’s or 1960’s scene was completely gone and instead a split highway where the man who had stood in front of his house giving us directions for a street left to downtown and a bridge right which we took being a bridge, one of those kinds that makes your tires squeal. We got across, Lois very upset, being on I295. Lois made me take a right turn and we were on a NJ 130 road. She made me stop for directions. A woman explained that I295 in NJ ran parallel to I95 in PA with Delaware River in between them. She specifically gave me certain directions how to get back using 130, interrupting me two times, this is how you do it to get back, do not get back on I295, stay on 130, go through a light, then another light, then past Rite Aid stay right and take immediate right to NJ Turnpike, pay $2.00 onto Pennsylvania Turnpike, which we did. I saw the I276 exit for US1. Lois so wanted me to try, had only few minutes left before the 3:00 hour but not about to take US1 again. We came on home.

Lois will verify the first NJ scene as from the mid-last century and fact that there was no Sheraton and no eight lanes setup on PA side in all this when we tried get back to see Bob Dean.

That man and that woman I will have to describe as “monitors” from peculiar way they acted. I am getting good at this “time travelling”. Although there is only one US1 up there there are several of them really–in different times. I made no wrong turns.

Right Time Zone

Now that enough time has passed since the Bob Dean trip, and have heard Lois say once or twice to others “we took a wrong turn” although that does not explain the changing scenes when we went opposite directions twice on same road, now then I will tell you the rest of the story.

On the way there was a 15-30 mile stretch of road across PA, fairly straight, a really witchy road, but new, and starting with a beginning curve. About middle ways there was a winding intersection road to the right, like maybe the old road. We kept going on the new road to its end, and then turned off to the right to our final destinations.

The next day when all the strange stuff happened and we were coming back and turned left to get onto that 15-30 mile stretch of PA highway. Lois said it did not seem right, too curvy. We stopped at a steak house and got something to eat, then off again, and quarter mile later there it was –that winding intersection. To the left that new road, but to the right barricades, road equipment, banked dirt and unfinished road we had travelled on the day before.

Said not a word, quickly turned left and kept on going, and looking only for that beginning curve. Finally, there it was, but I have no idea when it was we got into the right time zone.

Dummy Latch

I am a ventriloquist. On the head of my ventriloquist dummy, at the bottom of its control post, is a latch to connect the head to the body. Last evening January 2, 2012 called New Year’s Day on a Monday at 5:00 p.m. I started to install the head onto the body. Several times I tried to connect the spring latch to a steel rod that runs laterally so that the dummy can move its head and at same time move around its body, arms and feet motion. I could not connect the hook to the rod. I peered into the coat slit at back of the dummy and something was not right. It looked like the hook was in a reverse position which I do not like because easier to install with hook end facing forward. I took the head back off, turned it upside down, and sure enough the spring hook was in wrong position. There was no way that the other end spring loop had turned because attached to a small steeple into bottom of control post. I had started to disconnect the top spring end and reinsert opposite way, but had difficulty, gave up, and looked again. To my surprise the hook problem solved itself, back in the correct position. Again I say I did not disconnect and reinsert, or did I in a moment of time I did not notice or remember. The hand is quicker than the eye, so I can’t believe my own eyes. This is my third extraordinary happening since 2011 began. We are supposed to be in 2012 now. I am not so sure.

The Radio

On Saturday night January 28, 2012, lying in bed telling a ghost story to Aliona, a granddaughter, we tried to get a plug-in radio in my room to turn on to play soft music. The clock on the radio was working but the radio was not. We tried every button and dial, hit it with our fists even banged it on the floor. It came on for a second with static, then we pulled the plug on it and clock went off too. I continued the ghost story when the radio came on all by itself with static then quit again. Ali said that Hadden, who got killed in Viet Nam was playing a trick on us. She said that she knew him, and that he liked to play tricks, and said she saw him in the chair looking toward the closet. She said he had red hair, was fair skinned and did not have many freckles. I said she was right.

The Knurled Knob

In my old office was a standing lamp, brass with white glass globe and silk lamp shade, at least 75 years old. Because in process of selling my old law office, I brought the standing lamp home about a month ago. On Saturday afternoon, June 23, 2012, I noticed that the lamp globe and shade appeared to be not level. One of the three knurled knobs that holds the globe in place was missing. I went to the kitchen and a kitchen drawer where collected all kinds of screws, nails and the like, for almost a half century, hoping that I might find a machined screw that fit the hole. I looked couple of minutes and was about to quit and close the drawer when there stood out a screw that begged me to pick it up. It was an exact match, a brass, machined screw, no screwdriver slot, but knurled knob for turning, that fit exactly and all three knobs are identical. How it got into the kitchen drawer is a mystery to me, unless that is synchronicity.

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