Wake Up from the Awake Dream

by Paul Levy

When you begin to wake up in the dream you realize that the seemingly external dreamscape, be it your night dream or waking dream, is not separate from you. More than that, you realize that the seemingly external dreamscape that you find yourself in is somehow mysteriously connected to your mind. Just like the quantum physicists tell us, there is no objective universe, and the very act of observing the universe changes the universe.

When you realize this, you understand that how you view this seemingly external dream has an immediate effect on how the dream appears. The two processes are simultaneous, mutually arising processes that happen in no time.

220px-Dschuang-Dsi-Schmetterlingstraum-Zhuangzi-Butterfly-DreamOnce you realize that how you view the universe immediately impacts on how it manifests, why not view it in a way that will wake you up? Why not view your life as if you are having a spiritual awakening? The most amazing thing is that if you view the seemingly external universe as if it’s waking you up, then it does exactly that.

This is a practice that is to be done as much as you are able. Try to see everything that happens in your life as the universe manifesting in a way so as to provide you with the perfect vehicle through which you can awaken.

Take this very suggestion as an example of the universe doing exactly that. The result of this practice will not only be lucid dreams, but the boundary between dreaming and waking, between inner and outer will start to dissolve and you will realize that THIS is the dream. You will have dreamt yourself awake!

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