1998: Time for a true “Face Off’

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It’s a dismal excuse for an image!!!! And NASA should be ashamed of their efforts to mislead the public. My question is, why is NASA so afraid to publish a complete image of the Cydonia region? No, I’m not talking about the full length of the ‘strip’. I’m talking about the stripped-out data, two thirds of it, in fact – which is missing from the raw image of Cydonia promulgated by our beloved Space Agency.

Richard Hoagland (who identified the ‘face’ at Cydonia Mensae years ago, and who is actively involved in continuing research on that region) is not the only person to have noticed the absence of meaningful data. (I guess that’s why Dr Malin is so opposed to releasing any raw images from his camera project – too many people have computers, too many people know how to use them, and too many people are looking at the with a critical eye….). Hoagland pointed out that the raw image published by NASA contains only about 75 shades of gray, instead of the requisite 256 shades in normal photos from the Malin camera imaging system. (This means that two thirds of the data, expressed as a shade of gray, is simply missing!) And Hoagland is not the only one to confirm this. Kieth Roland, from the Art Bell staff ran his own histogram on the raw data, and found 81 independent gray shades, still far short of the necessary 256 shades required for a complete image. But it only seems to happen when the camera goes over Cydonia!!!!

Let’s look at the facts published by NASA itself, in conjunction with the dismal images they put on their websites: the image containing the ‘face’ is supposed to be startlingly clear, because the resolution is 4.32 meters per pixel. At that rate we should have been able to see every bit as much detail as the crystal-clear images produced on earlier passes….any earlier passes for that matter. As long as the subject of the photography was NOT Cydonia Mensae, the camera performed as advertised, even better! I ran across a beautiful image of the Inca City region taken by the Malin camera several weeks ago. (This region of Mars, near the South Pole has been the subject some extensive research, culminating in the publication of a book called Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars.—- by the way, my hat’s off to NASA for helping prove the case for Inca City Mars!!!! The image they took over that area was so clear we could practically count the grains of sand in the ‘city region’ while confirming the precise angles at virtually each and every wall-junction!

But when it comes to the ‘face’ at Cydonia, all the new NASA image shows is a noisy (snowy) blocky, pixilated piece of junk. According to Dr. Dan Burisch, “It looks like a molded piece of cellophane that had been pressed flat, possibly due to the MOC camera imaging system itself, signal noise (snow created by the absence of data), and the distention of the image due (most likely) to uploading instructions or poor image processing.” (both of which would be the result of choices and decisions made by NASA). But I ask WHY??? When we’ve spent millions of taxpayer dollars on this state-of-the-art CCD camera which is providing crystal clear images of everything else on Mars …. why should we be satisfied with a midnight-dark raw image of Cydonia Mensae (I use the term ‘raw’ very loosely) which, according to the information provided by NASA, was supposed to have been taken in full sunlight, at noon??? And with Mars’ thinner atmosphere, the sunlight should have been even more bright! But, of course, that’s what happens when only the lower chromatic values are allowed to remain, and all the brighter values are removed from the picture (The data which was removed constituted the upper 2/3rds of the material; the brightest and most valuable data in the transmission) We were better off with the 20 year old Viking photos using an old Vidicon-2 camera imaging system. There was more data in those decades-old photos than was contained in these supposedly better images.

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But there’s another problem with the integrity of the image – it has to do with the timing of the release. I noticed that although NASA acquired the photo from the MOC at 00:39:37 hrs on April 5th, 1998, they sat on it (for some inexplicable reason) until 09:05 hrs April 6th, 1998 before releasing it to the public. WHY? Perhaps it took that long to degrade the image sufficiently before release. (If anybody thinks that NASA wouldn’t do something like that, I’d direct their attention to numerous incidents in which separate and distinctly different versions of the same frame numbers have been provided by NASA in response to catalog orders. In one case eleven different versions of the same photo were obtained – and nobody but NASA knows which one contains the real data.)

The other question of timing involves a beautifully detailed image which was broadcast on CNN at approximately 2:30 pm PDT but was immediately pulled and not shown again to the public! I heard rave-reviews about that facial image from people who saw it – the symmetry, the detail; all stunning! Yet when I turned on CNN, all I heard about (for the next three hours) was the death of a country singer, the President’s new ban on weapon imports, and a drug which might help prevent cancer. Nowhere in any of the subsequent reports was a single solitary word about the Cydonia ‘face’ which had been previously broadcast. Finally, at 11pm, on a local news program, I saw the pathetic, degraded version of the ‘face’, buried deep in the middle of the program, just before the weather, and only used as the butt of a joke among the news anchors.

Shortly after that news broadcast, I raced back to the computer and observed that another change had taken place on the JPL site which I’d searched for the original information. Now, they were displaying another image, one with a distinctly different character from the first – even down to the nature of the nearby crater. For some inexplicable reason the crater had suddenly become round! (The elliptical nature of the crater in the first image was identified and commented upon by SPSR President and quantum physicist Dr. Horace Crater of the University of Tennessee Space Institute [who] pointed out, “The image does seem to be distorted and stretched.” Previous Viking images show a perfectly round impact crater below and to the left of the ‘Face.’

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Well, NASA can have their fun. They can try to dupe the public, and derail the interest of the taxpayers, but it won’t work. In the book Eagles Disobey, we have identified over 20 locations which show clearly non-natural objects on the landscape. (I’d like to see them try to degrade 20 different sites …. and more are being located and investigated each day by Dr. Dan Burisch and others on the team.)

But that’s not all – Nasa recently released a photo of the Cydonia face to the Associated Press (March 26, 1998) which was substantially different than anything they’d ever released before. It was different because of a small object just below the chin which upon closer inspection was both clearer (more precisely resolved) than the rest of the picture, and showed an multi- segmented object with a disturbing regularity. Perhaps they were hoping that the public would jump to the bait, and claim ‘Ooh, ooh, there’s something there!’ But We The People, are not that easily duped. Our team of researchers poured over old images from NASA and could not located anything even remotely similar, in even one of NASAs previously published images. So how’d it get there? Who added it? and Why???? When I talked the Associated Press at length about the image, they said that they simply downloaded what NASA sent them. So once again I have to ask, What the hell is going on???? If something could be added to one of their images, and then handed out by NASA public relations people to the various news services for publication, then how hard would it be for the new 98 ‘face’ to have been degraded beyond value or recognition in the 30+ hours that elapsed between the time that the image was obtained by NASA, and the time they released it to the public.

Maybe it’s time for the public to get serious and demand a Grand Jury investigation of NASA? Why shouldn’t we, it’s our tax money funding everything they do, and we have every right to know what our money is purchasing. In fact, if I have the opportunity, I’ll be one of the first to line up and demand an explanation – and I know I won’t be alone.

BJ Wolf author, Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars.

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