Telepathic communication with aliens, based in Death Valley

by Misty


I would like to share this communication, which impressed me deeply. I had not communicated with any aliens since 1984, during which I had daily contact with the local aliens from our solar system. They trained me in esoteric matters for many years previously to 1984, particularly Venusians. But when I was contacted by Jesus spiritually that year (after I decided to stop speaking with them to try and live a normal life, just from sheer frustration of not being able to find others who could understand) I decided to be loyal to Him alone and try to hear Him speaking as in a conversation. I figured, if I could hear the local aliens very well by telepathy, then why not strive to hear Jesus also? It was finally achieved after about 5 years of trying very slowly, persistently and deliberately after closing off the telepathy with the Venusians. I only got one word answers for years, but it was well worth waiting for when I did get whole sentences. Jesus speaks in my ears, with clairaudience, which is different to telepathy.

Regarding the Venusians, I have spent quite a number of past lives on Venus and appear to have most of my spiritual vehicles lodged there. I used to go there with the Venusians in the inner worlds, but I can’t recall the details much. Only that if I think about it too much, I’ll wish I was there instead of here. But I am a loyal person, and I made my choice to just concentrate on communicating with Jesus from my heart and I am still extremely grateful for all the stuff the Venusians taught me, but my brain couldn’t take any more. My poor heart was atrophying from lack of stimulation with normal people on earth. However, after doing extensive investigation I’m quite sure that the aliens at Death Valley are connected with the Venusians and rest of the human people in our solar system. I do feel their presence occasionally, especially I’m writing something technical, but I have to stick with one source and need to feel sure. Before, when I did speak with the Venusians for hours each day, I was completely open minded. I want to be cautious now in case any other aliens try to influence me, as there are so many around now. Some have tried, but they can’t get in my mind, as it has a barrier around to block them out. However, the ones at Death Valley were worth speaking with and thank goodness I heard them.

The Universal Security Force are comprised of intelligence officers from many planets in the universe, operating from a central command. This is operative in all dimensions and is in the centre of the universe with Jesus who is the sole ruler/king of the universe. I have been shown their cloaked base in Death Valley, which is operative in the physical world and run by humans, but only in a vision. However, I have been there before physically while travelling through America, which was possibly why I recognized the place energy. If you go to my story about the parallel universe, you’ll read about my trip to this central place of power operating in the next dimension. I’ve also been to the astral counterpart of this and hope to write about it next.

I read Dreamland in the Rockies by Branton about the aliens under Death Valley. Then after trying all evening to contemplate the meaning of it, upon waking up in the morning, I felt the etheric presence of four human alien men, trying really strongly to send greetings by telepathy. I knew that it was the aliens under Death Valley, as they said it was very clearly.

However it was so overpowering that I was unsure what to do, as I didn’t want to be forced into communication, especially by four of them. I felt a bit threatened and wondered if they were trying to control me, so ignored them. But they kept it up for about four days and in the end I replied – I’m sorry I just don’t like being overpowered like this, because I don’t know anything about you, but I would like to speak if you have a woman there. Do you have a woman on your base? If so may I please speak with one?

Straight away this was arranged and I could telepathically hear them analyzing who to choose. They must have tried to pick my personality type which to them was some creative artistic type who loved cooking etc. That fits me in part as I was a signwriter and display artist for years, so we were definitely in tune there emotionally. A woman sent her warm greetings and I really liked her. We sussed each other out the way women do with feelings and got quite a rapport going woman to woman style. However I only picked up one single word after three days constant emotional communication. But she was definitely my type of friend, so it was a pity there was no head connection. The only word I picked up was that she was from “Lyra” and I’m sure of that as I heard it quite a few times. Others have mentioned this place too, so they are obviously human like us there. Might be the same place some of our alien ancestors came from.

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I had to say by telepathy back, I really like this woman but I can’t hear her speak, do you have anyone else who I may speak with please that may come through more clearly? Immediately after a few seconds, another woman came, possibly they had her as second choice as they didn’t spend time looking. She was so intelligent and and clear headed that it was making me get a headache. Razor sharp thoughts, maybe a techno-whiz or something. I felt as if my brain was on speed and I was unable to cope, so after maybe half a day I told them, I was really sorry but this lady is too intelligent for me. I couldn’t catch any message as her thoughts were too fast.

Then they had another think and after a few hours picked out another lady who had a million ideas and her mind was so cluttered with such a variety of experiences looked at from all angles, that I couldn’t pick out any one thing she was saying. I had to give up after a couple of days and say I just can’t pick up one single particular thing. Though there was plenty of it. She seems to be impressionable and took in a lot pictorially when she experienced things and they left vivid impressions. But although I also think in pictures and use the right brain, I philosophize abstractly at the same time and try to connect multiple things to make a complete picture. They all seemed pretty normal humans to me at that point. I was rather surprised to find how different they were from each other, but maybe they were different races.

Then they had another good think and then a man came through. A man in charge there, as he had authority. He was as clear as can be as if talking face to face. Perfect reception, but I think they used technology to enhance it as it was so clear, because I really don’t think my own telepathy is as good as this yet, unless he had an extraordinarly natural ability to amplify himself. (I’m OK with telepathy with certain races, but it depends on how someone thinks and what parts of the brain they use.)

He said that there were many people here of a Universal Security Force from throughout the universe, who were developing ways to stop some other straggler entities from activating the world gridlines, to bring the earth into a higher frequency artificially. He said they would not let this occur and had very advanced technology to stop this. He also said they were not interested in giving us messages to live by and were only contacting people who took an interest in the state of the world today. They didn’t want to have to explain things, as they wanted people to communicate with who would already have looked into such matters as global politics and the alien situation etc.

They just basically wanted to say and prove that they were here for this reason, to specifically stop the destruction of the physical earth by HAARP and other scalar transmitters creating time riffs and for myself and others to know this and pass it on. They do not intend colonizing or living here and are only gathering information to bring back to where they meet to give an evaluation of what is being done and by whom.

They are physical but can use their other spirit vehicles to travel around invisibly and know what is going on in the inner worlds and the parallel universe. They are doing this to take note of which forces are invisibly operating in the inner worlds, that are controlling the aliens who are trying to activate the gridlines. They are Universe Intelligence Officers, who make sure the inhabitants of each planet stay within designated evolutionary boundaries.

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Upon being asked why so many aliens are here abducting, this man said that the protection order of this planet had expired, due to karmic retribution being in place and though many thousands of aliens are living here among us here undetected, and manipulating for good behind the scenes, mankind has to gain the experience to overcome these problems and mature. He added that everyone is judged and catalogued for their future destiny according to what they do to help or how they react to the abduction situation. People get training and knowledge when they sleep and wake up with it he said. Then he said they would return home and would contact me when they got back, as they have the information they need and have ability to get a continuous update by technological and spiritual means. They were from all over the universe and human.

I did get some more contact with them about 2 years later, which was this year (2000) and though I’m not communicating with them mentally due to the complicated nature of their work here in dealing such things as weapons testing in China Lake, California among other places etc. and my inability to grasp the enormity of what they are doing universally, I am communing with them emotionally and feel a contact with them in my dreams. Additional note: It is now June 2001 and I have had alien telepathic help during writing articles about what is happening scientifically with the manipulation of consciousness running through the gridlines, using technology. I wrote them all under different names so won’t reveal those at present. But this information will reach those who need to know exactly what is going on in full, world wide before it is too late. They are also helping others with research.

[Dec 6 2001. Last Update.]They are still with me and showing me stuff in the parallel universe of earth. They are also involved in the natural evolvement of this planet into another frequency, which uses the interaction of all the planets in the solar system to evoke patterns of development here in our consciousness. In this they work with selected people in our solar system, including Venusians. I know some people may deny there are humans living on Venus, but I have witnesses who saw the spaceships parked outside my window every time they came to visit. But they used to slide out of their body and communicate in their etheric double standing in my room. As I had etheric vision, I partially saw them. I’m not saying Jesus is a Venusian, but as He is King of the Universe, He does rule all the planets as such. Each planet has a leader, who is their representative in the universal hierarchy and has to answer to Jesus. I know now that these aliens from Death Valley who contacted me work with all the local planets in our solar system’s security forces, and have control over the karma of individuals. Earth would have the proper security representatives, but they don’t make themselves obvious. We have had to try to be independent since the Flood 12,000 years ago approximately. But anyone incarnate since the Flood would have been contacted if they had needed to know this. 12,000 years is a small span, compared to the length of time we spent in Atlantis with alien contact. Sometimes it’s best to learn how to communicate with your own kin, just to get focused on what’s important. Aliens tend to take over a bit, and the small stuff gets forgotten. We’ve got soul now and learned all sorts since we went back to a primitive state. And much variety has been developed in civilizations all over, which wouldn’t have occured, should aliens have come here and showed us how to make crystal domes or whatever they live in on their planets. People have learned the crafts and to be artistic without them. It’s nice to rest from technology and to get mellow, but we can get it back again and this time know right from wrong, from our own trial and error experiences in this necessity.


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