Star Wars V


Accordin’ to dr. Richard Boylan, three large “draco- reptilian-
sirrian B” ships came into this solar system, hiddin’ in the tail of Hale- Bopp
comet, only to “jump ship” as the comet was swingin’ arround the Sun,
takin’ up orbits arround Mercury.
Some of the remote viewers colaboratin’ to this “release of
information” saw egyptian hieroglyphs on one of the great ships, while one psychic
felt there was consiredable “fear” inside the ship and forewarned not to
get to close… (Do you remember what the psychic involved in the “gettin’
through” – mission of the “greys” “headquarters” felt like ? Just about the
same… fear.)
Another info source revealed that from 130 remote viewers, the Hale-
Bopp object got 130 different “readings”.
Accordin’ to Alex Colier, what appears to be the Hale- bopp comet is
in fact a very large craft made to appear as a comet, with other craft in
tow within its extremely long tale. In addition, a second comet- shapped
ship has been detected and is headin’ towards this solar system, apparently
originatin’ from an area in the constellation of Cancer.

A large armada of ships have been found amassin’ in the Sirius B
system. Early information points to a possible conflict between the humanoids
from the Sirius B system and humanoids from the Orion system over the
quadrant in which Earth is located.

Furthermore, seven ships are currently parked in Earth’ s atmosphere
with the purpose of gettin’ a blockade defense system for Earth. The
blockade consists of two Andromedan, two Plejadians and three Procyon ships.
Massive Andromedan, Plejadian, Tau Cetian, Procyonese, Acturian,
Iummite, Vegan, Koldasian and other forces have established a massive
“blockade” near the orbital sphere of Neptune in order to prevent planet Earth from
bein’ interfered with by incomin’ Draconian- backed forces.

The intensive investigation of the center of the galaxy revealed
there’ s a powerfull emission of radiant energy, on a very large scale.
The “energetykal map” of the central region of the Galaxy, made in
1983 as a result of the synthesis based on the info revealed by the IRAS
(Infra- Red Astronomykal Satellite),looks like the emission of radiations
sprayed from the galaktyk nucleum is superior to the emission of the whole
Then, the radio-telescope of Effelsberg (Germany) and the american
base VLA (Very Large Array), composed by 27 mobile radio- telescopes, from
New Mexico, identified four very intense radio sources in the center of the
galaktyk nucleum : Sagittariua D, B, A and C. Sagittarius A is the most
brilliant object in the radio-waves domain.
Durin‘ 1984, an image got caught : 30 light-years distance from the
“crown” of Sagittarius A there are several curved forms, brilliant and
energetykally active, all of ’em connected to a “bar” formed by long straight
parallel forms. The “bar” is perfectly perpendicular on the galaktyk disk,
bein’ a very homogeneous system, its components bein’ 2 light- years broad
and 130 light- years long.
The whole structure got named “the galaktyk arch”.
Further investigations revealed the billiance comes from a polarisated
emission (specyfik to the maxymum accelerated elctrons – to the light-
speed – when they keep on movin’ along the force-lines of a conducted
magnetyk field, this way generatin’ the syncrotronyk radiation).
Radioastronomers N. Killeen and K. Lo (Technologykal Institute of
California), came up with a map includin’ a 10 light- years areal arround
Sagittarius A. On the “west-side” of the “galaktyk arch” there are, in the
exterior, three branches – united through another “bar”, smaller than the
central “giant accelerator”.
Tryin’ to identify the type of this cosmic object, it’ s been used the
european satellite EXOSAT (usin’ X- rays). It’ s been determined the
absence of QPO (quasi- periodic oscilations), which means there’ s no “black
hole” involved in the phenomenon.
Then, the european satellite ROSAT got used in the investigations.
And, in december 1989, the GRANAT satellite got involved.
(A similar “bar”, but much larger, has been found durin’ 1985, in the
center of the NGC 6949 galaxy (diameter 600 light- years). The straight
light- forms are over 3 000 light- years long, though).
It seems to be a pattern, all spyral galaxyes presentin’ these giant
Instead of all these interestin’ facts (and the common- sense
explanation of “scientyfik curiosity”), now really : why this sudden interest
focused on the centre of our galaxy ?
What is comin’ toward this solar system, more than radiations, from
the “center” ?

And, who’ s gonna fight against whom in the “end-time battle” ?

Accordin’ to branton, some very powerful technology detected a very
brilliant object lookin’ “like a star” gettin’ out from the Nebula Orionis.
This flyin’ object is comin’ straight to this solar system, and eventually
straight to Earth.
Remote viewin’ of several christian chinese children indicates this is
a “city of light”,  structured as a three- levels pyramid.
Accordin’ to some sources, Orion has held the key patterin’ for this
dimensional universe since its creation. The central star, Al- Nilam/ An is
the major doorway to myriad dimensional universes. Regardin’ An, it looks
like there are many doors in, but only one door out.
Accordin’ to Cyril Scott (“The modern occultism”), C. W. Ledbeater
(well-known “new age” promoter and writer) revealed that the liturgy is an
ancient ceremony, originated in the egyptian mysteries/ rituals. Through the
music  and the mystik of “mantras” (“prayers”) used durin’ this ceremony,
it invokes a very powerfull “deva”, known as “Angel of Presence”. It also
generates a powerfull thought-form/shape in the “subtle matter”, very
similar in shape to the great sanctuary of Constantinopole.
An anonymous french- traveller in Tibet mentioned that the liturgykal
ceremony is similar ’till identification to a certain tibetan ceremony.

The Universe is mental. (“…and remember that is all in your head…”
= Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood)

Do I have to remind you thet part of the HAARP project is to provoke
amultitude of “sun spots” ?
Enter . you’r gonna see several squares
in there. Click on the “Sun Gate conspiracy – 1, 2, 3” and … see it as
it is.
And, as Ananda reveal in , Sun
presents 16% shrinkage in size in the last half century,increase in
sunspot activity and intensity and more activity since 1940 than in previous 1
150 years,combined.
I wonder what the effect of the whole action focused on the Sun is,
regardin’ the “shadow” – the “black sun” ?
Does it bring it from “behind Jupiter” to the ex- Phaeton/Yellow Star
orbit area ? And, what could the purpose of the whole gearing be ? A
“time-gate” connection, or what ?
Who or what is supposed to “enter” through such kind of a “vortexijah”
? Maybe the “Ta/ Sha” ?

Interestin’ info : durin’ the 2005 mediums’ convention in Macchu-
Picchu, several “reptilian- shapped” forms took over some of the participants.
Read (again, eventually) the “Who is it ?” file, in .
Does it make any sense ? (“Which way did he go ?!?…” – Looney


The WTC attack. First strike. Than, “it’ s a kind of magyck” (Queen)

A circular flyin’ craft appeared benneath the smoke. Inside it there
were several tall reptilians and a strange human (?) wearin’ unusual
You can see the character on the left of mme. Blavatsky, in
Blavatsky.jpg . He’ s known as Koot- Houmi. This name links the “Ashtar Command” to
As a result of the WTC dramatyk events, the Bush administration
launched the attack against Afghanystan.
Accordin’ to some sources, there are four entrances in “the
subterranean hidden kingdom” named Agartha : in India, in oriental Tibet, in Borneo
and in Afganystan.
Right after the hysteria of launchin’ the war, Ahmad Shah Massoud got
Son of a colonel of the afghan army, he graduated the Poltechnyk of
Kabul and the Archytecture. Durin’ the counterstrike against the sovietyk
invaders, he organised the Panchir resistance. (In Panchir, there is a vast
subterranean net.) His army, 12 000 people, was equiped with two
helykopters, too. He was a supporter of the synarchyk concept.
He got killed by two algerian agents, desguised as reporters (the guns
were hidden into the cameras), who previously had access in Massoud’ s
The reason why he got killed is that he was a “guardian of the
entrance” in Agartha.


Remember the short story of prince Cherenzii Lind, Maha- Chohan of
Agartha, who was willin’ to meet Michael Aivanhov ?
Well, Patrick Riviere reveals the meanin’ of the whole mission: it was
a campaign put into practice by the most evilish department of the
(Coincidently, in 1947 the “inner bureau” of Comintern appeared, and
in the beginnin’ it was ruled by… Bulgaria – and, Aivanhov was a
bulgarian. I don’t like coincidences… Especially the one regardin’ the attempt
against the Pope, which involved KGB through … “the bulgarian
connection”. It was GRU within all that stuff, though.)


Some very weird phenomenons are happenin’ arround us. (Shit
Part of ’em are goin’ on like on a large scale (armies of ETs are
gatherin’ in this solar system, changes in the balance of the solar system –
energetykally (many frequences & stuff), miscellaneous timegates appear out
of nowhere…
Part of ’em are planetary : earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, volcano
Part of ’em are facts of life : wars emerge out of the sudden, people
are takin’ statements against people, strange characters act unusual
releasin’ weird situations…
Somebody’ s fackin’ the cake here…But, in the end, who’ s in
controle of the whole game ?
“Joke the joker !” (Naughty by Nature)

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Star Wars VI

Section A
The Phi-Summum Project and beyond

This one’ s for Mae Brussell


Accordin’ to Maia Schamayyim, the time-travel project “startin’ point was in 1923, with an experiment gone awry involvin’ several key Nazi occult(ist) figures as well as a few peripheral participants, includin’ Aleister Crowley.
Through Dietrich Eckhart and the Thule Group, (…) and Aleister Crowley’ s Lodge, the Astrum Argentinum, a hybrid project was created called the Phisummum (PHI). The order that controled the PHI was the Order of the Black Sun (OBS). The whole purpose of the OBS was project PHI,whose focus was time travel and originally for the purpose of retrievin’ the Holy Grail from a past century (…). But once a small distorted window in time was opened to them, they began to feel the overwhelmin’ power of such an operation. The Spear of Longinus was used as a magic power source to achieve the window, along with drugs and sexual perversion. The OBS largely stayed out of these antics themselves, but controlled the results. (…)
In 1923, they made a grave mistake with the time portal that sent a discharge that was out of phase lock with the planetary diochromy. This set off a series of events, includin’ Bannock Hill in Merlin’ s time, as well as the 1634 Montauk rift. This is all too extensive and meta-scientific to adress here (Dha!… E=mc2 – my note). It was in 1923 that the master of the PHI project, Eckhart, died. After his death that same year, those with lesser understandin’ of the Beast they had created, caused the time rift to spill out the occurences of the Philadelphia Experiment and Bannock Hill, and other key locations in time.”
You can find extra infos and ineterstin’ corelations in .
Accordin’ to Ananda, several previous attempts were “followed in 1923 by Project PHI-SUMmum. A time Gate like project overseen by the Black Sun society and Vrill Order, as well as Thule Societyt designed by Crowley and the like.(…)
Project Phisummum was to connect to the future time travel projects, to Orion and the ancient ones, accordin’ to the obscure alchemikal text left behind by Flammel, edited by the Arabian Sufi alchemist Kyot.
Phisummum was also to go back to the time of Merlin and Nimue to link to his time travel Shamanic Somajetic superconductin’ natural nanotechnology, and Ambrosius Grail Cauldrion tradition descended from Joseph of Arimathea, Merlin’ s great ancestor.(…)”
You can find more infos and astonishin’ corelations in Ananda’ s “Time Gate 2001” (just enter , then click on “TIME GATE 2001”)


There are sources revealin’ that the original Vril Society craft was in fact “a time machine”, dismontled early in 1924 and shipped to Augsburg.
And, accordin’ to Branton, the Reife microscope (in fact, a Tesla scalar micro) represented the “magick key” to the ” “human genom” kingdom”. It was discovered in the 1920s in Berlin.
These infos are somehow connected, through Ananda’ s interpretation of dr. Burisch’ s report : the MAJI projects are supposed to keep on graftin’ timelines through DNA intercalation, preventin’ the EBE / J- rod from vanishin’ in their timeline.
(Dr. Burisch says that, accordin’ the MAJI briefin’ documents, EBE are considered as a part of the human race in the future that mutated.)

12th of july 1946, Bikini Islands. Two powerfull atomic bombs exploded. One of ’em, a few hundreds metters high, the other aproximately 10 metters under sea-level. The submarin explosion capted through radio from 20 miles away, dissambaled a huge mass of water, 2.5 km high, 900 metters diameter, lookin’ like a huge oak, produced a 100 metters wavw that sinked a few ships gathered together as part of the test. It all took almost 1 minute.
Otto Oscar Schneider took some photos of the event. Accordin’ to Branton, UFOs were flyin’ very fast from the test- site at the moment. (The Bikini area was, at the time, an UFO areal, especially under water phenomena…)
Anyway, they say that the first “grey” UFO appeared after the Bikini-tests, right in that area. F*ckin’ coincidence…


Scientists found out that, in the middle of the atomic deflagration a “rapture” in the space-time continuum is appearin’. They also found out that, durin’ this “failure” in the space-time continuum it is possible to get some kind of “connection”with “another dimension”, especially with a so-called “hell”…


There’ s Roswell, too.
Accordin’ to Jean Sider, the key to the “Roswell incident” is the craft that landed between Magdalena and Socorro.
The Roswell craft was like a “Horton flyin’ wing”, shapped as a half-moon. The aircraft seemed intact, except for a lateral fisure.
Meanwhile, a silver round aircraft crashed in the San Augustin area. The Anderson family and professor Buskirk’ s team of archeologysts witnessed the event.
(Gerald Anderson situated the incident at 5th of july 1947 – instead the 3rd of july, William Moore version.)
Accordin’ to psychic sources, the first Roswell event ever happened durin’ … 1945. The pilots of the crafts had 6 fingers. Back then, there was no recovery – the bodies “dematerialised”.
(The “body” used durin’ the 1947, seen in that famous movie, was somekind of a “puppet”, made by “izotopic flesh” of “densified” “aetherykal matter”, which “dematerialised” itself later, too…)




There is photographyk evidence provin’ that Harry Truman met a tall zeta-reticulan “ambassador” durin’ 1945.
Accordin’ to Michael Ash, tall zeta-reticulan greys were involved at Montauk. (There were also dracos there, who were actually in control of most of the projects.)


Previously (accordin’ to Al Bielek), the german secret societies “had cooperation from the ET’ s. See, they had a crashed UFO which was deliberately crashed, by agreement with Hitler, by a certain group of Pleiadians. It was loaded with technology.” As a result of these events (some sources place ’em durin’ 1941; others say 1939; the particular pilot of Hitler, Christina Elderer,said – durin’ a 1975 interview – it was not an Aldebaran Ufo, but from Venus and it happened in 1938; while Branton’ s sayin’ 1937 – were there several “crashes” in the Black Forrest, Germany, too ?), the Kugelblitz program emerged (Aktion Kugelblitz was the Third Reich prototype project of the Redlight project; it was conducted by Dietrich Grohl.)
You can find this info and the rest of the story in . More infos in .


Accordin’ to several sources, “the Montauk chair” (“Give’em the chair !…” – Beavis) was provided by the sirrians.


Accordin’ to Maia Schamayyim, “the false Orionians, Sirians, Pleiadeans – which are all created by the Nephilim – cannot work through the full- Light Metatronic Spiral (“Wow !…” – my note). This means that their evolution, both physically and more importantly spiritually, is trapped, contained in the bottle of the Oritron (“Wow !…” – my note). They are a product of the Luciferian Fall, havin’ displaced ’emselves in the Universal Continuum. Thus, they must have those who contain Earth genetics and thus Earth cromosomes, to carry out certain functions that interfere with the Metatron (therefore the tamperings that go on ).”*


Is it beginnin’ to make any sense ? Not yet ? I thought so…
Accordin’ to Preston B. Nichols & Peter Moon, in “Montauk revisited”, the USA government entered into a treaty with an “alien” race durin’ 1913 (it was somethin’ regardin’ ww I).
A second treaty got signed sometimes between 1945-47, involvin’ the “K Group” – aka “the Kondroshkans”, which later ceased collaboration.
The “greys” tried to contact the german government durin’ 1933. As a result of the nazi rejection, the “greys” made their presence known in 1934th Washington. Rashed by the Roswell events, the “oficial” contact occured. You can find details in .The reason why german government refused to collaborate with the “greys” was its previous collaboration with “the Giza intelligence”, which (accordin’ to Byron T. Weeks, MD) is supposed to mean a renegade humanoid group, predominantly plejadians – Ashtar, Commigal and Jehovah were part of the group for some time.
As early as 1936 Hitler was sendin’ teams of “spelunkers” into caves and mines all ovber Europe searchin’ for the Vril-Ya. Presumably the Vril Society established contact with the “secret chiefs” or the Vril-Ya ’emselves, which conducted to the secret cooperation with certain german scientists in the late 1920s.
Robert Charroux is mentionin’ “the Greens (Green Men) people aka Vril-Ya”.


In, Tani Jantsang only mentions : “Kn’ yan – gNyan – rock dwellin creatures – Bon- po, Mimigwesso – Tierney”. He must mean somethin’ (anythin’ ?!?…) by that…
In , it’s mentioned that the Kuen Yuin (aka Kn’yan), ruled by Yue-Laou / Dzil- Nbu “has perverted the Xin, the good genii of China, and has fashioned from their warped bodies a monster which he calls the Xin”.
You can find some infos in .


In 1947, the UFOmania emerged.
Then, there were the well-known UFO files involvin’ George Adamski / venusians – durin’ 1952, Reinhold O. Schmidt / saturnians – durin’ 1957, Billy Meier / plejadians (watch semjase.jpg) -durin’ 1975.
Also read , and notice that Jan van Helsing definitely identified Schmidt’ s “saturnians” with members of the “Balck Sun” organisation.
In between, there were the encounters in the Holloman base area.
In 1953, a group of “greys” landed and claimed they came from Betelgeuse system, Orion.
Then, the group known as “the tall blonds” (“arrians”) made their presence known. (Accordin’ to Jan van Helsing, “the tall blonds” are supported by the “Great Lodge of Vril”.)


The Betty Andreasson case – unusual. “Greys” involvin’, along to “paranormal” manifestations. Eventually, it involved an entity called the White Eagle. (Accordin’ to Benjamin Creme – known new-age writer, the “White Eagle” is an entity located “in the 4.5 degree astral plane”.)




Durin’ 1860, a chinese monk from Tibet made a complex ritual in the Hayjen forrest, near Nijmegen, Holland.
Li Xiao Chin (that’ s his name) mentioned several times “the miracle of the subtle light”, which was about to manifest 100 years from then, as “spots of colour flowin’ in the air”.
In 1960, a group of tourists saw somekind of strange coloured clouds, movin’ all around and changin’ their form permanently. The phenomena got caught on photos in 1972.
Well-known mediums said they were “feelin’ ” the presence of non-terrestrial “spirits”, comin’ from a “paralel world”, which includes this 3D world, but it’ s three times “bigger” than this dimension.

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Tunguska, the mornin’ of june 30th 1908. A triangular-shapped unidentified flyin’ object approached north – north-west of Lake Baikal, comin’ from the south direction, and exploded. The “epicenter” got discovered in 1927 at 61 N & 102 E.
You can find interestin’ infos on the event in and .
What-really-happened : a special device especially built to get blown away in that particular area got dismembered with the purpose to spread in the Earth’ s atmosphere the chemykal element (still unknown to oficial science) named “technetium”, ment to become the basis of “manufestation” of this kind of energy called “Vril”.




Durin’ the interview given to a research comission, dr. Burisch was askin’ himself, rhetorikally : “The thought that the gods of Sumer and other places, were the misinterpreted future humanity; viewed as magykal instead of technologykal, strikes me deeply. What could have they been thinkin’, to tinker with the pulse of time and alter our genome and history ?”
Ananda’ s answer and interpretation sounds like this : “Kala-ran Empire (…). No longer universal Anu-Nabi, but only logged into the dimensional forms of the Naga / Nagi, as the Anu-Nagi (Sumerianologist Christian O’ Brian. who worked with Sir Wooley, at Ur, publishes the accurate spellin’ of ANU.NAKI as ANU-NAGI “shinnin’ ones”. The MANU genealogykal lists from the Indus valley, list the Sumerians as just one set of families from the descendents of MANU,which are in an Omni-Temporal arrangement and relationship with our planet…”
More on that matter can be found in , where you can also find a key of this whole mind-game (courtesy of Ananda, too) : “The Kala-Ran Empire is used in the sense to gain more of the riches of the illusion, more of the the dream, playin’ more of the game… They are playin’ a game and are enjoyin’ that game, on physikal planes, interphysikal planes and spiritual planes.”


Read .
Accordin’ to Michael Ash, there were references to military attacks in Rigel and Aldebaran, usin’ the Montauk vortex.
Some sources claim that the first time-travel took place in 1944, shortly after the allied conquered Prague.
Previously, the Vril lodge mediumnically contacted a civilization called “the Sumeran empire”, located in Aldebaran. In 1944, a time-travel secret project sent a Vril-7 ship to ’em. ‘Till 1947, a mediumnykal contakt was mentained to its members. (Jan van Helsing call the papers “The Vril Protocols”.)
Then again, a confidential report comin’ from a Vril member (quoted by the same Jan van Helsing) claims that the destination of the Vril-Odin space-craft was not at all the Aldebaran system, but a far region in space, maybe even … Andromeda.
In “The Aldebaran  “, Jan van Helsing investigated the break out of the Reiner Festle family, who claim to have met Aldebaran representants, durin’ the ’90s.
Accordin’ to Michael Ash, there is major interaction between aliens from Alpha Draconis, Rigel Orion, Sirius-B and Aldebaran, while some sources associate Aldebaran with “fascist nordic-type plejadians” (who were associated with the nazis via the Giza or Kamagol-II Ashtar Intelligence).
And, there are some like Vladimir Terzisky who suggest that the nazi aryan pure-bred forces actually colonized Aldebaran by sendin’ ’em far back through time and settin’ up their empire via time-space gates.
Major info comes from the romanian psychic self-named comte Incapucciato : humans traveled / were sent to Plejades arround 30 000 – 35 000 years ago (modality not specified).


Plejades – Aldebaran – Andromeda – Ashtar = strange connection.
Accordin’ to several sources, the plejadians are assistin’ the “andromedan council”.
And, accordin’ to another source, referin’ to Ashtar : “Some of their stories were fabricated and some were (for real). These beings from Aldebaran were insulted after they were labeled untrustworthy. They went back in time and had a meetin’ of psychics with the Thule Society who were a secert society. (Dha !… – my note) The meetin’ of the Thule Society led to what is called the Third Rite (Reich). The Ashtar Command were also in contact with two psychics, named Maria Austich (Orsitch, accordin’ to Jan van Helsing – my note) and Zigrun who were in contact with Hitler.
Read also .


Section B
The realm


As you know, durin’ the ww II a project named Lebensborn got developed.
The “Jubileum” booklet, edited by the “Daimonium” group, wrote about the mmetin’ between Hitler, Eichmann and Mengele durin’ 1942, which result was the Lebensborn II program.
It started at 21st of march 1943 and ended at 23rd of september 1943.
The selected individuals were provided by the Lebensborn program, and durin’ 1943 Mengele’ s research ment mostly to get the job done. The young men were selected biologikally and, more important, genetikally and they were integrated into a secret elite regyment – 66 000 fighters, originally from Germany and Austria, but also german ethnyks from USA, Transylvania, Hungary, Switzerland and Italy, and even norwegyans, danish, finnish, hungaryans and british.
Inside the Auschwitz subterraneans, the Lebensborn II para-troopers got instructed and kept there ’till 23rd of september 1943.
The group was ment to retreat within a space-time “bag”, completely isolated from “the outside world”.


Accordin’ to Jan van Helsing,  Rudolf Steiner’ s mission was in fact to select a certain type of children and tranport ’em into certain locations in Tibet.Inside the concentration camps, Mengele was assisted in his research not only by doctors (selected from the prisoners), but also by… rabbies ( ! ).


Accordin’ to new-age sources, the Ashtar is in service of Sananda (aka the “cosmic christ”).
In “The modern occultism”, Cyrill Scott mentions the three leaders of “the great white lodge” (obviously, he means Agartha…) :
– Manu, rulin’ every “primary race”;
– the Teacher of the World, dealin’ with religion and evolution;
– Mahachohan, controlin’ (superior) aspects of culture, and also the development and decline of civilizations.
Another source mentions that Mahachohan controle the so-called “elementals” (some kind of “inferior matter in the “unseen”, able to get any form a controlin’-mind would suggest/induce & stuff”).
C. Scott says that Manu has a chinese physikal body, while the Teacher of the World has a celtic physikal body. (They both live in Himalaya.)
We may identify Manu with Sanat-Kumara, while the Teacher of the World is Sananda.
(It’s a little more complicated, ’cause Sanat-Kumara can’ t be the original Manu of the hindu ancient religions, while Sananda can’t be, as new-age is claimin’, identified with… Jesus.We’ ll get back to this problems later, though…)

Here’s the truth : durin’ the “lemurian times”, the true pleyadians came on Earth ; they landed in the Romanian Zone and generated the “red” race – of the warriors / fighters, who promoted “the magyck of blood” (which includes the drainin’ of the blood in the earth etc.)
And, also durin’ the same period, reptylians from Orion landed somewhere in Pakystan (in the Punjab / Kashmir region), genetaikally inter-breedin’ an aryan branch who migrated from Hyperboreea the same time with the sumerian “wing”. The process lasted a pretty long time, and the final result was the whole semytik population on the earth.
You can also enter , and I recommand you to click on “Reptilian transmissions from Alpha Draconis” .
About the “nephilims”, mentioned by Maia Schamayyim, you can read , , , , , and others (just type “nephilim DNA’ in google and navigate…).
Accordin’ to Edgar Cayce (he was a freemason, too – read “The Star Gate conspiracy”…), the “spirits of nature” are not supposed to be mistake for another kind of “projections” of the “humankind subconsciusness”. 

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