In your time, it seems very odd to many that what is occurring is a vibrational shift. The truth is that those who embrace the shift in these terms will be the survivors. For there is nothing in the universe that is not vibration. It is time to embrace your true essence. You are luminous beings – light particles which are part of the grand scheme of things.

Holding on to third dimensional reality alone excludes the majority of possibilities, including the possibility that you might all survive the cataclysmic changes that the coming solar years will bring to Earth.

There is much good use of resources on your planet. The Sun is the Key. The Sun and the knowledge that we are all vibration and light.

New powers are coming to you. These include the power to see things as they really are. Thought creates reality. You can see this throughout all of your written history. All of civilization as you know it has been created in this fashion – beginning with a dream inside the mind of a human being.

We are your future. And you are the storytellers who created us.

Take this knowledge and tell stories of a vibrational shift which allows the human race to save itself from the dark dreamers‘ visions.

Empower yourselves and others. Raise the vibrational frequency of the planet by raising your own vibrational frequency.

Understand that the current and coming changes are a cleansing. Cast out fear in favor of love.

Create community. Focus on light. Lighten each other’s loads. Enlighten the Earth from within.

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But how can we change all the wrongs, undo all the sorrow we’ve so far inflicted upon the Earth and her children?

Change the way you perceive reality. Instead of throwing more weight into the sinking ship – lighten its load.

Know that you are conscious at this time in order to create a new vision. Don’t talk about whether or not this is possible, just do it… there is no time left! …no time left for talk.

We ask you to believe that it is possible to change your mind – to change your perspective.

You are dreamers and you are storytellers. Dream dreams that include your siblings and your children and your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. Include them in your visions – and the future of your planet will be secured.

Is this so difficult? You each know the story of your own lives. Now dream the story of life on Earth without end – look into the future – we can all do this. Look into your future – and see your children’s futures and their children’s futures and their children’s futures.

Is there food to eat? Air to breathe? If not, change your present-

Re-write the future.

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