Julie Telgenhoff| I am personally on a spiritual journey. My spirit inhabits a physical vehicle so that I can take action when I feel passionate about something on that spiritual level.

When I woke up to our false reality, I immediately began digging into information in order to get the truth about our false history.

I went through all the stages of grief during that time. Unfortunately, my youngest was still in high school when that occurred and because there were no others of influence in his life around me who were becoming aware at the same time as me, he did not understand, and it created much pain and hurt between us.

It has been almost 4 1/2 years since that time, and I am done with information digging for information and/or sharing that news ….I’m onto solutions.

Personally, I do not believe we have much time left to create a successful movement that resonates with a large populous, however, I am not a quitter and will not give up trying to do something to stop the train wreak that those of us who have been paying attention, know will be coming. I just happen to call it a global neo-feudalistic society …but with high technology (the NWO).

I believe that the natives had discovered a way in order to work with the earth and the people that created balance. I believe that they had tribal communities and within those communities, there was a feeling of family oneness, connectedness, great trust and sharing of goods and services. I know that the system we are living in today lacks community, trust, connectedness, service to others and with that lack, there is no way to overcome the future challenges that this global oligarchy has planned for all of us.

I came across a sharing community called, ICS (International Community Sharing). I have watched all the videos and when using my own intuition, I can clearly see that the person who is attempting to get this leaderless/sharing economic movement going, is also on a spiritual journey and knows his purpose which includes no ego/lower brain function issues.

Therefore, I am sharing a couple of short videos created by the ICS. If this information resonates with you ….that’s great. If it does not, that is fine too. I just know that I would like to feel more trust, care and a sense of community with the humans around me, and that lack that I personally have in my own life brings me much sadness. I have some challenges that I need to clear up, but once they are finalized, I am going to commence a similar project like the ICS economy.

I’m done with complaining about this or that and then nothing gets done, and I refuse to allow the ‘powers that should not be’ to have control over my life any longer.

The commentator in the following series of short videos is Rafi Oneness, and if you need to talk or get advice from him, he extends himself for he is operating at a higher level of consciousness. His email is:

If you are for a peaceful coexistence, please join the sharing economy and start your own ICS in your community.

Via (ICS) Intentional Community Sharing:

Is Money only a tool???


The ICS is about expressing our higher consciousness:

A busy day in the ICS Sutton Quebec Canada:

You can view all of the ICS videos HERE.

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