Letter about CIA’s Thought Detection Machines

I am forwarding this letter on behalf of my father. the conditions described in this letter applies both to United states and Taiwan.

Read on if you care about your liberty and freedom.
My name is Alan Yu, a former lieutenant colonel in the Taiwan National Defence Department. I have since immigrated to the United States ten years ago and have been naturalized as a U.S. citizen. I am writing this letter to inform you of a grave thereat to the civil rights of American citizens and the very ideas that this nation was founded on (Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. This threat is a device known as the “Thoughts Detecting Machine”.

What is a “Thoughts Detecting Machine”?

There are two sources of information that led to my knowledge of this machine. 
The first source is an excerpt from South China Morning Newspa of Hong-Kong in 1970’s. It stated that an American University had invented a thoughts detecting machine which can read another person’s thought. The initial goal of this invention was to solve severe car accident cases. It was supposed to be used by authorities to read the minds of the injured parties to piece together the entire accident. The C.I.A. learned about this and purchased the patent on this invention (South China Morning Post).” The second source is a classified military document of Taiwan. In the spring of 1984, I was a Lieutenant Colonel of National Defense Department of Taiwan. I read a classified document from my service Dept: The document indicated that the Military Police of Taiwan had purchased the thoughts detection machine (In Taiwan, we translated its name to Psychological Language Machine) from the United States. The document was a request to the U.S. for parts to repair the malfunctioning machines. Before I left Taiwan, this machine had become the most effective equipment for the security departments of Taiwan, such as Headquarter of Police Department, Military Police, and National Security & Investigation Department. Here are some of the basic operational principles of this machine and the problems that existed in Taiwan that arise from the usage of this machine 
1. This machine uses electromagnetic radiation waves to investigate the subject, so he who is being investigated will be totally unaware (Electromagnetic radiation is invisible and can penetrate walls, bricks, most metals and almost anything in its way). Next, it sends these collected brain waves to the CPU and translates these (brain waves) into words or picture to describe human thoughts. Then, these pictures and words are display on a monitor for analysis by the investigators. Because the subject that’s being investigated cannot see the electromagnetic radiation, he is totally oblivious to the fact that his thoughts are being read. This machine will be used day and night without stop. Therefore, the dreams, the ideas, the inner secrets or the other private things of the subject will be revealed by this machine to these investigators. So the detectors just have to use the machine near where you live or work, then they will share the whole of your privacy with you. 
The process of reading the thoughts works like this; First, two machines are set up from two different angles. Then, both machines emit a high intensity radiation which crosses the subjects’ brains. Then both machines are also used to receive and interpret the information collected from both sides. When the subjects brain waves being detected are sent to the CPU, they are translated into thoughts with words or pictures, finally appearing on the monitor which the operator can read & understand.
Machine schematic)
| ———————- Subject————————- |
| |
– ——— | ————
Brain process unit————–| Radiation
receiv | |translates brain waves into thoughts | Emitter
___________ |with words, pictures, or languages,| ———–
|also translates commands into |
|electromagnetic waves which imitates
|———–electrical impulse of the brain |———–|
| ————————————- |
– ———–| |————-
comman | |monitor
———— ————–
The best way of detecting thoughts are to make the subject fall asleep and dream. So the investigator almost always do their jobs at night when you are asleep. But you must remember that they can collect your thoughts any time even when you are working. If the investigators want to find out any special information, there is another way which will lead the subject to continue in his thinking process. For example, They will use this machine to send a picture to the subject in his dream(or thinking process). The picture maybe a person’s photo or a scene related to what the investigators want to know. This will lead the subject to think about this special information. 
To lead the subject into thinking about the information they need, the process work like this; First, the investigator will fax the picture into the C.P.U. and translate it into electromagnetic waves (it’s frequency imitating the electrical impulses of the brain waves.), and send to the subject’s brain. After the subject receives this picture in his dreams(or thinking), he will react to it in his dreams(or thinking). How the subject reacts in the dream(or thinking process) is just what the detectors need to know. This way, the subject’s personalities or other histories will be totally known and maniuplated for use by the investigator. 
2. Whenever this machine is being operated on high frequency, it can be used to kill you. The beam of high frequency radiation emitted from the machine can be aimed at your head or your body. If the target is your head, your central nervous system will be damaged. If the target is your body, your organs will be damaged. For example, If the target is your heart, it will cause heart problems. You’ll die with heart attack suddenly or slowly depending on your body situation. If the target is your kidney’s, it’ll reduce your sex ability. Even if the machine is not being operated on extreme high frequency, prolonged exposure to the radiation will still make a person ill and slowly cause his death. This machine can be installed into your automobile (or your home) because it can be remote controlled. This way, the investigator can monitor what you are thinking or when you are driving. They also can use high frequency radiation to interfere with your thinking process and make you feel sleepy while you are driving to cause a car accident on the highway. They will do this to get rid of the subject whom they cannot control or they don’t like 
3.”: (It’s the most frequently used method.)
Whenever the operators decide to get rid of their subjects, they can use this “Thoughts Detecting Machine” to play with the subject’s mind. First, they will use the machines to find out the subject’s secrets or intentions. Then, whereever the subject goes, the operators will meet him there and hint that they know his secrets. It is their purpose to make the subject feel that he has absolutely no privacy. This will give the subject the impression that everyone knows everything about him, Eventually, this will lead to paranoia and insanity. And it is NOT necessarily true. action. They will use the machine to talk to the subject. The investigators do this to drive the subject crazy or set him up to appear as insane. Now, let me explain how it works! The human brain is not only responsible for thoughts, but it’s also a receiver for electrical impulses from various parts of the body. The brain translates these impulses into actual sounds or sensations. For example, the human ear only collects sound waves. It then translates these sound waves into electrical impulses and sends them to the brain. The brain translates these impulses into actual sounds. If you can directly send the electrical signal (which describes the voice) straight to the subject’s brain. Then the subject will hear the sound without actually hearing it through the ears. The ears are completely bypassed in this hearing process. ( there is evidence, the researchers reported “They have enabled deaf people to talk on the phone again by putting electrodes into the ears of deaf people” & “they’ve made a blind woman see patterns of light by putting electrodes in the back of her brain”–
In a special report from the mystery of sense of” Discover”
magazine June 93).
The “Thoughts Detecting Machine” uses the same principle to imitate the frequency of electrical impulses and actual sounds(generated by the ears). Then, this electromagnetic wave is aimed directly at the subject’s brain. This will cause the subject to hear what the operators want him to hear without actually hearing it. 
The above principle is the most important information by which the investigator always abuse the “Thoughts Detecting Machine”, to drive people mad. The investigators will use this for their second action when they find the subjects are strong enough and the first action didn’t succeed. They will operate the electromagnetic waves as the electrical impulses of operator’ voice (which are translated from operator’ voice in the C.P.U.) and tranmitted to the target (subject’s brain). The subject will hear what they say as normal dialogue in a whisper, but in actuality there is no voice that can be heard by the ears and the sunject can’t see anyone else around except himself himself. This way can make the subject feel as if he is suffering from paranoia. 
If it didn’t work, furthermore, they will use the machine to argue with the subject to make the subject angry. They are eager to make the subject angry, and to get him so incensend that he can’t stop arguing with the operators who are hiding! They like to conduct this exercise when there are other people around the subject. Then the other people will agree that the subject is crazy because they didn’t see anyone around there to argue with (the subject). It’s the way in which investigators set the subject up and make it  appear as if the subject is insane to others, or even make others think such things as that the subject was just arguing with a ghost! Then, at last, this will cause other people to treat the subject as insane.
It’s the most frequently used method to get rid of the subject.
There is another way to drive people mad; I’ll explain it to you as follows;
When they decided to operate high radiation to get rid of a person. They’ll keep hurting him by operating the electromagnetic waves. The subject doesn’t know that he is slowly being killed by this machine. But even if does already know what the investigators are doing, they still keep doing it to drive him mad. It will make the subject angry but he can’t fight back because they’re hiding in a machine. The subject will find out what he faces is the invisible enemy. It’ll be the most terrible time for him, knowing he can’t find out where the radiation waves are operated from. If the subject can’t determine that it’s another way to drive people mad. It will be just like what had happened as before which was written on the newspaper. ” Some guys shoot a gun on the street to take out his anger on the Strangers, or at children in a school or at people in a restaurant.”
And this guy will be charged with murder, or insanity, or is killed by the police or kills himself. Actually, the guy isn’t really crazy, he knows somebody has set him up and it makes him angry, but he just doesn’t have the knowledge about the “Thoughts Detecting Machine”. So he never knows what he faces is the invisible enemy. He is hurt by someone and full of anger in his mind, but has no way to take out his anger on anyone he sees as responsible. It’s just because there is no obvious enemy in front of him to fight with. By working on him day by day, the subject who be set up to take out his anger on everyone who he meets. He will appear to be insane to others at the end. The whole story is very simple to them who know the “Thoughts Detecting Machine”, because the subject was just set up by the operators of (“Thoughts Detecting Machine”). 
Who is being investigated has been treated only as a property of those doing the investigation. The machine uses invisible electromagnetic waves to invade people’s privacy and read people’s thoughts without a trace of any evidence. The subject is unaware that his thoughts are being read. So, the operators can uses this machine on anyone as many times as he please and hurt anyone without any permit. The most horrible thing is that the operators always uses this machine depending on his mood. When the operators are in a good mood, the subject may face a treatment. But when the operators are in a bad mood because he does not complety understand the subject with this machine, the operator will take out his anger on the subject and punish the subject with this machine until the subject is dead. The subject is not under any protection of law because there are no traces of any evidence with the weapon of radiation waves. The subject is treated only as their property. The investigators do believe that we (who are detected) belong to them (their kids or property) , and they can do anything to us even take away our life. Because they do everything by this invisible electromagnetic waves and that shows no trace of evidence. There is no law to regulate this group, also. The operating ways of the “Thoughts detecting machine” has built a real, new slave system and treated us only as their kids and properties. In other words, their SLAVES!
moving toward Communism.
Since the operators use this machine to share your thoughts, your dreams, your ideas, your privacy, your body, and your life, (They even can hurt your body and take away you life just by operating the machine at high frequency). You are definitely not the true owner of yourself. No longer, do you belong only to yourself. The “Thoughts Detecting Machine’s operators share all of you memories and everything that is in you mind. Which the Communists cannot even do . But the operators of this machine have achieved this. 
Based on how this machine has been used in Taiwan, I should say that they trying to investigate everyone in their country. They do not have enough agents, however, to do this. Therefore, they focus their attention on investigating the key person in politics, business, science, organized crime, etc. These people are mayors, congressmen, highly ranked scientists, businessmen, the crime bosses or anyone whom they are interested in. The actions of these operators are beyond all logical thinking. And the law. They not only investigate criminals, but also normal people whom are important or they are interested in. The operators will keep their records on the subject forever. They will continue their investigation of same person as they like to make sure the subject is under their handle and control. They think it’s the best way to protect the country. So if it’s the same situation in United States, who is being investigated by them? I believe “most of us are investigated by them at least once.”, if not all of us. If we don’t make a new law to regulate this group and machine right now, the situation will only get worse. The unauthorized power of the investigators will extent to it’s maximum. And it will be even more difficult to change in the future. 
“Drive him mad and even to kill him?”. Let me explain it to you. At the very beginning, they must install the machine near the subject’s address whom is to be detected, from one point (the address of subject) to the whole residence area of the subject. And then open the whole “Thoughts Detecting Machine” of their agents ( each agent holds a machine in his own address) who live around or near by the people who are being detected.   So their agents investigate the subject in a normal situation or at a regular time. Once they want to drive the subject mad, no matter where he goes, they can meet him anywhere and know what he will be doing. This is the way to drive people mad. If they try to get rid of the subject, they will shoot the magnetic radiation waves to the subject from the whole “Thoughts Detecting Machine” of their agents in the area where the subject lives, with them. Then to hurt the body, the organs, even the central nerve system of the subject. And the electromagnetic radiation waves will shoot the target (the subject’s body) surrounding the subject’s address. It’s an illegal murder by using the invisible high radiation waves. They’re guilty but can’t be hold responsible by law. 
If the above situation is correct, then this machine should already have been installed in every public building such as supermarkets, theaters, schools, shopping centers, train stations, airports or sea ports..etc, and there is a central control system of this machine in every county, then what will happens ? The operators of the “Thoughts Detecting Machine” will just stay in the building of the central control system of such a machine with such high technology. They can investigate anyone in anyplace. We’ll not only have no Privacy, our lives will also be in danger. Because the detector can use the electromagnetic radiation waves to hurt anyone in anytime with no trace of any evidence. If the detector truly want to do so, and get rid of someone, there is no safe place for us. And it’s not only against the law but also the worst way to treat us who live in the land of free. 
The above information has been known by me for the past ten Years because it was done to my Father. What I want to emphasize and point out is that ” they have three steps to get rid of a subject whom may be out of the investigator’s control or the investigators just don’t like him”. The first step is to drive the person mad. If they didn’t succeed then the second step is to install the machine in the car in order to cause a car accident on a highway, and the third step is to kill off the person slowly in his bed with high frequency radiation waves. 
What I am most concerned about is the way that this (Psychological language machine), Thoughts Detecting Machine could & would have been used to abuse people as stated above. It not only can read the thoughts of people and invade his privacy without permission, It can also be operated as high level electromagnetic waves weapon to hurt, punish or even kill the subjects whom are out of their control or they don’t like. They dare to do all illegal things and can’t be held responsible by law. It’s just because they do everything using the high electromagnetic waves and there is no trace of any evidence. They are guilty but have escaped from the law.
Since this machine has already been used efficiently in Taiwan, It should be used more effectively and efficiently in the United States -where it was originally invented. In the past ten years, they may have already include this machine in the city design and have been using the machine from the basic public safety of county to the states to the whole country, then to the international co-operation with foreign countries. Which means from the police department to the F.B.I. then to the C.I.A., all have been using this “Thoughts Detecting Machine”! And the C.I.A. keeps the patent rights of this machine.
If the above situation is correct, then this machine should already have been installed in all public buildings, such as shopping centers, schools, supermarkets, airports, etc. Their power will be unstoppable. Nobody can control or stop them when they make mistakes or even do something against the law. Because there is no trace of any evidence with the high frequency radiation waves. So even the actions of some of them are illegal, they can never be held accountable in the court of law because there is no evidence. Nowhere is their safety and that’s including our personal home. We will have no privacy and shall forever be threatened by high frequency electromagnetic radiation.
I truly hope that our responsible reporter will have knowledge of such a machine and the harm this machine can bring. If the F.B.I. and police officers of our country have been using this machine to investigate our citizens just like Taiwan. I hope you will look into this event and take action so that laws can be made to regulate this machine. Then our citizen’s rights which include our human rights will soon be given back to us
Alan Yu
Lieutenant Colonel
Taiwan National Defence Department
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