What are anti-positrons???
Anti-positrons are tiny subatomic particles. They have been proven by QUANTUM PHYSICS and are very real. Your government knows about anti-positrons. The Russians know about anti-positrons. Japan knows about anti-positrons. Aliens are using anti-positrons in their crusade against earth. Read this page to learn all about them. Make link to this page. Tell everyone you know!!! This page must be read while it’s still here!!!
Anti-positrons are extremely hazardous to your health
Scientific test have shown a direct link between death and excessive exposure to anit-positrons. That is why the government requires warnings on all tv sets, radios, and microwave ovens produced in Japan. The earth constantly bombarded with anti-positrons by secret alien forces in their crusade against earth. Anti-positrons can also be found in cigarettes. This is because cigarette companies are actually fronts for the alien threat. Why is there a cover-up???
The US government has never once admitted to using anti-positrons. They remain totally silent on the topic, even though anti-positrons used in ALL TOP SECRET government installations. Why don’t they tell the American People the truth about anti-positrons?? Every person who has spoken out about the anti-positrons conspiracy has been permanently silenced by the US government. All alien technology runs on anti-positrons. They need saturate the earth with anti-positronic technologies, this will help them when the invasion starts. The US government gets anti-positronic technologies from secret deals with aliens.
Russian involvement in the anti-positron conspiracy
The Russians have had anti-positronic technology for decades. They were given anti-positrons in the 50’s, along with the US government. Sputnik was based on anti-positronic technology. all Russian technology is based on anti-positrons. This is why there was a breakup of the SOVIET UNION. Now this anti-positronic technology is being sold to terrorists in middle east by former soviet scientists. The US government wants to force this technology on the American peoples. WE CAN’T LET THIS HAPPEN, OR THE FATE OF THE SOVIET UNION WILL BE OUR!!!
Anti-positrons and Japanese technological superiority
Japan uses anti-positrons in all its exports to the United States of America. This is part of the alien’s Crusade against Earth! I know this is true because when I took apart my Japanese stereo and TV and found…anti-positrons!!
What can we do about anti-positrons?
Your government says anti-positrons are a myth. But they can’t deny it any more! Now top secret government scientists have come forward with THE TRUTH about anti-positrons! We mustn’t let the fate of the soviet union be ours!,! Refuse to let Japanese anti-positronic technologies into your home! Call you congressman and demand the truth about anti-positrons!! We must develop our own human technologies to deal with the alien’s crusade against earth, and we must start NOW! I don’t know how long they will let me keep this page so e sure to tell everybody you know!
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Written by Davin Tarr
This is a joke

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